Borjomi – Rabati – Vardzia



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1st destination Borjomi – Borjomi is a resort town in central Georgia. It’s known for its mineral waters, with springs in Borjomi Central Park. Defined by its striking exterior, the Romanov Palace contains ornate furniture and a billiards room. Nearby, trails wind through the vast wilderness of Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

2nd destination Vardzia – The cave monastery complex Vardzia was built during the reign of King George III and his daughter Queen Tamar. There is a legend about the name origin of this outstanding monument of medieval architecture. According to the legend, a long time ago, when Tamara was still a little girl she loved to play in this at that time unfinished cave town. One day she was playing there with her uncle who soon lost the girl of his sight in that cave maze. And then Tamar loudly shouted: “Ak var dzia!” which is translated from Georgian as: “I am here, uncle!”. The last two words echoed around the cave complex, and they were heard by King George III. He ordered to call the complex just like that – “Vardzia”.



3rd destination Rabati – Rabati Castle is a fortress in AkhaltsikheGeorgia. Originally established in the 9th century as the Lomisa Castle, it was completely rebuilt by Ottomans.[1] Most of the surviving buildings date from the 17th and 18th centuries. According to the Georgian Chronicles the city was established in the 9th century by Guaram Mampal, son of the King of Tao. From the 13th to the end of 14th centuries it was the capital city of Samtskhe-Saatabago, ruled by the Georgian princely family and a ruling dynasty of the Principality of Samtskhe, the House of Jaqeli.



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