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1st destination is Prometheus cave

Prometheus cave is a karst cave located in Tsqaltubo Municipality in Imereti region of Georgia.The total length of the cave is about 11 km, of which 1060 m are open to visitors. Cave has total of 22 halls of which six are currently open to tourists

It is part of a large cave system, united by one underground river. Currently, about 30 km of the river is investigated, which is about half the length of the entire cave system. In 1985 the conversion of the cave into a sightseeing tourist destination began. By 1989, a pedestrian route was laid in the cave for about 1 kilometer, stairs and paths were built, and a 150-meter tunnel was punched out at the exit and the construction of ground-floor buildings began. The cave was equipped with temporary lighting and small groups of tourists started to visit cave.

2nd destination is Martvili Canyon

canyon is located on the river Abasha. The Length of canyon is 2400 m, and the depth is 20-40 m, there is 12 m height waterfall in the middle part of the canyon. There are fossilized bones of animals inhabiting the land before 75 million years, owing to which is the third discovery in the world, on the territory of which the parts of dead bodies of animals of pre-historic era are presented in great number. In some grottos of canyon there are traces of existence of primary human in several grotto of canyon. Despites there are bones of extinct families, including those ones of grotto bear and bison.

Also,there are boat tours :



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